What’s the Best Exercise Equipment for Bad Back?


Best Exercise Equipment for Bad BackWhether you are in a perfect shape or struggling with various health problems, exercise plays an important role in your physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Getting into the habit of leading an active lifestyle is ideal and recommended for almost everyone, but it may present a problem for those affected by chronic, often debilitating diseases and pain.

When back problems and discomfort strike, most people immediate give up on exercising altogether, hoping to avoid further pain and possible complications. This may be understandable and perfectly natural response, yet it may become a dangerous habit over time: lack of movement will likely make matters worse, leading to even more serious back problems, worsening pain, and deteriorating physical health.

While it is extremely important to talk to a medical professional before starting any new exercise program, it is safe to say that even those with serious back problems could benefit from a carefully selected and individualized physical exercise routine, including the regular use of suitable exercise equipment that’s gentle on the back.

I Suffer From Back Pain – How Do I Choose an Exercise Equipment?

Best Exercise Equipment for Bad BackIt doesn’t matter what ailment affects your physical health, a carefully chosen and appropriate fitness program is likely to improve your overall health and well-being, while unsuitable ones are known to make matters even worse. Therefore, it is crucial to understand your own physical condition, the exact nature of your back problem, and take the time to learn about the most suitable exercise options available.

Understanding your physical condition and back disorder are not possible without a thorough examination performed by your doctor. It is the most important step you can take to ensure that your chosen exercise program and gym equipment will match your exact needs, improve your overall health, and build up your back’s strength.

Whether you suffer from chronic back pain, sciatica, herniated disc, or any other spine disorders, it is likely that your back muscles have become weaker than ideal, not providing proper support and balance to your upper body. Avoiding exercise after an injury may have helped to bring temporary relief, but by now you could be struggling with some excess weight as well, straining the spine -especially around the lower back- even more, causing lower back pain.

Based on this, your very best bet of fitness program is one that offers a gentle, low impact, yet strengthening exercise routine, performed carefully, on a regular basis. Low impact aerobic exercise increases heart rate and promotes healthy circulation, which leads to loosening of stiff joints and muscles, relieving some back discomfort. It also promotes slow, sustainable weight loss that frees up the spine from the strain of having to support a heavier torso and abdomen.

Certain types of exercise, such as swimming, may offer great benefits for back problems, but it is important to pick a program that is easily accessible on a regular basis, preferably in the comfort of your own home: when pain strikes, it is tempting to neglect the established exercise routine if it is not convenient and simple to adhere to. On the other hand, home exercise equipment is always available and within your reach, making it much easier to stick with your exercise program that’s so important for your well-being.

The best low impact home gym equipment is the one that you are able and willing to commit to using, even on days when your back pain causes some discomfort and you have no desire to move around. Also, since purchasing an exercise equipment is usually a long-time investment, your preferences are very important factor to consider, and it is worth spending some extra time researching all available options and find top rated products that are gentle on the back. With this in mind, you will be able to move forward and find the right equipment for your unique situation.

The most popular low impact exercise equipments that medical professionals recommend are treadmills, elliptical trainers, stationary bikes, and ski machines. All of them are great choices for back pain sufferers, because they don’t put strain on the back, yet they offer gentle and effective movement opportunities. It is, however, important to find the most suitable products for your specific condition, and prior to making a commitment, spend some time educating yourself about all options available, based on your specific requirements.

Top 5 Best Exercise Equipment for Bad Back

While all low impact exercise machines are considered great for individuals with back problems in general, here are the reviews of 5 top rated, highly recommended gym equipment to choose from:

1. NordicTrack C 7.5 Elliptical Trainer

NordicTrack C 7.5 Elliptical TrainerNordicTrack C 7.5 Elliptical Trainer

An elliptical trainer is the perfect cardio machine for you: since your feet never touch the ground while pedaling, the risk of jarring of your spine is completely eliminated, so the risk of further back injury and pain are reduced to the minimum, making the elliptical machine one of your top options for daily exercise.

NordicTrac is a top rated gym equipment manufacturer. Their C7.5 Elliptical Trainer allows you to customize just about all the features available, making it an excellent choice for people who need individualized exercise plan to protect their spine.


  • sturdy composition: it can hold up to 325 lb
  • easy to assemble
  • iFit enabled: train anywhere in the world with the help of Google Maps Training Routes
  • adjustable stride: match your own stride length, to avoid further strain
  • adjustable incline and resistance
  • dual EKG sensors for easy heart rate monitoring
  • enhanced flywheel: natural, smooth ride, no jerking movements
  • quiet performance: using it in a bedroom is not a problem
  • built-in fan to help you to stay cool
  • easy to use, one touch control panel to adjust functions
  • built-in workout programs, designed by certified personal trainers
  • no batteries required: powered by electricity
  • lifetime warranty


  • heavy construction: product weighs 220 lb and difficult to move it alone
  • iFit access requires paid subscription; without subscription there are no training routes available

2. Cyclecizer Upright Stationary Bike

Cyclecizer Upright Stationary BikeCyclecizer Upright Stationary Bike

A stationary bike is another excellent choice to buy for individuals needing gentle and low impact exercise, however it is the best investment to purchase one that offers back support, to prevent lower back pain with prolonged use.

This Cyclecizer stationary bike is gentle enough to be used by seniors. It offers much needed back support, along with many other features that may make this option your perfect addition to your home gym.


  • easy to assemble
  • foldable, easy to store
  • lightweight machine, portable
  • adjustable incline and stride settings
  • adjustable seat to prevent further back strain
  • price: extremely affordable
  • 100% positive rating by customers


  • maximum weight capacity: 220 lb

3. Marcy NS-716R Magnetic Resistance Recumbent Bike

Marcy NS-716R Magnetic Resistance Recumbent BikeMarcy NS-716R Magnetic Resistance Recumbent Bike

A recumbent bike takes the stationary bike one step further: you can exercise in a comfortable, reclined position, while enjoying the same benefits of a low impact, back-friendly exercise routine.

Marcy is a well-known home gym equipment brand that has been producing high quality and affordable workout machines for over 50 years. Their products are highly recommended and their popularity speaks for itself. The NS-716R Recumbent Bike is a top rated cardio machine with multiple customizable and adjustable options offered.


  • user weight capacity is 300 lb
  • lightweight, compact product: easy to assemble and portable
  • fully adjustable length for extra comfort
  • adjustable pedals, seat, and stride
  • built-in cup holder
  • ergonomic, polished looks
  • quiet and smooth performance
  • price: extremely affordable


  • LCD screen is small and only offers basic tracking options, pulse display not offered
  • no built-in handle pulse sensors
  • tension may be too low for experienced users in better physical shape

4. TreadLife Fitness Strider 1 (TL1)

TreadLife Fitness Strider 1 (TL1)TreadLife Fitness Strider 1 (TL1)

This gym machine offers all the benefits of an elliptical trainer in a modern, recumbent style. Many back pain sufferers find traditional elliptical machines difficult to use due to having to exercise in standing, upright position.

TreadLife Fitness Strider 1 comes to the aid of these individuals, making physical therapy-style and quality low impact exercise accessible right at home.


  • 300 lb user weight limit
  • simultaneous upper and lower body workout in a strain-free way
  • extremely quiet operation
  • comfortable, well-padded seat, easy to use for longer periods


  • heavy, difficult to deliver and move around
  • price: on the higher end for a home exercise equipment
  • assembly required, which may be difficult due to size and weight
  • simple console without a large selection of functions
  • no heart rate monitor

5. Body Champ 3-in-1 Trio-Trainer

Body Champ 3-in-1 Trio-TrainerBody Champ 3-in-1 Trio-Trainer

An all-inclusive option, ideal for those who would like to try various home exercise equipments. This money- and space-saving cardio machine includes an elliptical trainer, an upright bike, and a recumbent bike, eliminating the difficult choice of having to commit to only one type of workout machine, making it a great buy for those on a tighter budget.

Body Flex Sports offers high quality home gym equipment at affordable prices, with a 25-year background in creating innovative, professional looking, yet easily accessible fitness machines.


  • user weight capacity: 300 lb
  • easy to assemble
  • integrated pulse and heart rate monitor
  • fully padded and adjustable seat and back support for even greater comfort
  • smooth, easy transition between exercise options, no adjustment needed
  • price: very affordable


  • somewhat noisy operation


Back pain doesn’t have to steal your active lifestyle and fitness goals. These above, top rated exercise machines are the proof that you don’t have to stop exercising just because you have back problems or disorders. With consulting a medical professional, carefully building up a customized exercise program, researching the best exercise equipment available, and committing to regular exercise sessions, you can take an important step towards a greater sense of health, recovery, and well being.


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