What’s the Best Mattress for Heavy People?


Best Mattress for Heavy PeopleDifferent people have different needs when it comes to mattresses, and heavier people are no exception. Finding a mattress that works for a heavier person is not necessarily the same type of mattress that is a good fit for a lighter-weight person. Here are a few tips on what to look for when finding the best mattress for heavier people and a few reviews to help you start shopping.

When shopping for a top-rated mattress, everyone, regardless of their weight, has a few features that they should keep in mind to make sure that they buy a mattress that is worth the money. We recommend that you look for:

  • Proper support and alignment
  • Pressure relief
  • Your preference for mattress material

It’s important to make sure that you know what your needs and preferences are before you start shopping so that you know which mattress to look for, especially if a feature like edge support is important to you. For the purpose of this article, we will refer to an overweight person as someone weighing over 200 pounds since that is the weight limit where mattresses can become compromised over time.

How to Choose a Mattress for Overweight People

Best Mattress for Heavy PeopleQuality Materials

Quality materials are one of the most vital parts of any mattress, and purchasing a mattress that uses lower-quality materials will result in a saggy mattress that produces a sleeping experience that gets worse over time. Most beds that are purchased today will last over six years. However, if you get a mattress that is made of low-quality materials, you will probably have to get a new one in two to three years, which is more often than you want to do.


For you weigh less than 200 pounds, a bed with a 10-inch thickness is sufficient. If someone is over 200 pounds, then he or she will want to look for a bed that is 12-inches or thicker that features good, deep-compression support. For those that are obese, you can also look for products that have extra thick layers to give you more even support, and they can be available at 10 to 11-inches of thickness.


You first need to determine your perfect firmness level by considering your sleeping position. Most larger people will need a medium to medium-firm mattress as the weight can cause sinking areas that can eventually lead to back pain. If you are between 230 and 250 pounds, then you should plan an additional one to two inches of sinking, so you will need to compensate by finding a mattress that is a seven to eight out of ten on a firmness scale.

Cooling and Temperature Regulation

Larger and overweight people often complain that they get hot when they sleep. This common complaint can indicate that the mattress doesn’t have enough room to breathe and allow for adequate air circulation. Foam materials tend to be warmer than hybrids, innerspring, and latex, so as long as you don’t buy the cheaper mattresses, you should be fine. Most of the premium mattresses have a gel layer that provides an additional cooling material on the top of the bed.

Edge Support

If you use your bed during the day, it is great to have edge support. Frequently sitting on the edge of the bed will cause the edges to sag. Having edge support also means that your mattress is more durable and longer lasting, which is an indication of a premium product.

Top 5 Best Mattresses for Heavy People

1. Sapira Mattress

Sapira MattressSapira Mattress

Rated top of its industry, the luxurious Sapira mattress is a hybrid that has been precisely engineered to give you a sleep experience that is unparalleled. This is especially true for those that want to feel the springs but need foam for cooling and pressure relief. This is the first hybrid mattress that can compress and ship in a box. Additionally, this type of sleep experience would normally cost thousands of dollars if you purchased it in a store.

Constructed with coil technology that features advanced pocket-springs and high-performance foams, the Sapira hybrid mattress provides amazing edge-to-edge support through more than a thousand pocket spring coils that are individually-wrapped. For pressure relief, cooling, and body contouring, the top layers are made of Avena and memory foam.

A great option for heavier people, Sapira uses high-density foam together with a highly supportive coil system that are durable for heavier people. With a total of 11 inches of thickness, there are four inches before you touch the springs in the support system, so it is unlikely that you will ever hit the bottom. This is also more firm than the usual mattress, which is a benefit for heavier people.


  • Back and edge support are exceptional
  • Great for partners that have different support needs
  • Feels like you are sleeping on a perfect cloud


  • May be a little too short and narrow to fill the bed frame
  • Tends to be more expensive than a regular mattress


2. Ghostbed Mattress

GhostBed 11 Inch Cooling Gel Memory Foam MattressGhostBed 11 Inch Cooling Gel Memory Foam Mattress

Constructed with high-quality materials, the Ghostbed features the latest in sleep technology to provide a great balance between total body support and supernatural comfort. This plush latex is naturally responsive and gives you the perfect level of surface softness. It also features a foam layer made of a proprietary gel that helps regulate your sleeping temperature.

With a high-density base foam layer, the GhostBed gives you additional support for a good night’s sleep. Plus, the 11-inch mattress comes equipped with a plush cover that also wicks away moisture and heat to keep you cool all night long.

Measuring a total of 11 inches, it has a comfort layer of 3.5-inches thick and is found by reviewers to be firmer than normal. It also features springs that are high-density all through its construction, which makes it a good choice for heavier people that don’t want to spend a lot on a new mattress.



  • Misleading warranty; it is only covered for ten years
  • Cooling technology does not work well


3. Novosbed Mattress

Novosbed MattressNovosbed Mattress

With a thick layer of memory foam, the Novosbed is very comfortable and includes a total of four inches the top two layers alone to give you great pressure relief. The cover is made of a polyester blend that is a breathable material so thin that it doesn’t interfere with the feel of the memory foam underneath.

Available in three firmness models, Novosbed also offers a Comfort+ layer at no extra charge that can be zipped into the mattress to make it softer or firmer depending on your preferences. For those that are heavier, this is a mattress that gives you a good range of size and weight distribution with an average firmness level that is good for multiple sleeping positions.

You immediately get the classic memory foam experience from the Novosbed as you feel it contouring to your body and giving you the sensation that you are sinking into the mattress. Another great feature of the Novosbed is the incredible airflow that you get from the aerated top layer that allows for temperature control.


  • Good durability with different firmness options
  • Great motion transfer reduction
  • Easy to move to find the best sleeping position


  • Has low edge support
  • Some users find it too firm


4. Dreamfoam Ultimate Dreams EuroTop Latex Mattress

Dreamfoam Ultimate Dreams Eurotop Latex MattressDreamfoam Ultimate Dreams Eurotop Latex Mattress

The Dreamfoam Ultimate Dreams Mattress has several features and benefits that you will enjoy. This durable mattress boasts added “breathability” with a softer-than-cotton feel. It also has hypoallergenic and antibacterial properties that make this mattress a good choice for a wide variety of consumers.

The Dreamfoam Ultimate Dreams Mattress has good motion transfer and provides a good night’s rest so that you can wake up free of aches and pains. The Eurotop cover is constructed of 100 percent biodegradable bamboo fibers. Processed into viscose rayon, the bamboo fibers will increase the cost of the mattress slightly.


  • Affordable price and cool sleeping experience
  • Reduces aches and pains
  • Good motion transfer reduction capability


  • Has an unusual smell, which usually dissipates after one day


5. Spindle Mattress

SPINDLE Natural Latex MattressSPINDLE Natural Latex Mattress

For an affordable mattress, Spindle has created a completely latex mattress made with verified natural latex that is wrapped in an organic cotton shell. The Spindle mattress is covered with a wool cover that is quilted. This is a nice, firm mattress that feels slightly plush.

This is a 100 percent, all-natural mattress that has a bouncier, foam feel that makes it easy to move around on and get out of the bed. The mattress feels great on your back and stomach since latex feels a lot like memory foam. Plus, it will easily respond to your movement for an incredible sleeping experience.

Since you assemble your own mattress, Spindle is able to help you save some money in manufacturing costs. This is a very supportive and comfortable mattress that can be customized by merely rearranging the layers to find your perfect comfort level. It may seem confusing and involved at first, but assembly is pretty straightforward.


  • Easy to assemble layers, very comfortable and supportive
  • Ability to customize, and has great motion transfer reduction
  • Responds to your movements, but your partner won’t feel them


  • Low edge support
  • Heat transfer is not optimal


If you are a heavier person, then you shouldn’t have too much difficulty finding a high quality product that has good ratings and will fit your needs and preferences. Make sure that you know what type of mattress you are looking for before you start shopping, and be sure that you find the right mattress firmness for your weight. With a little research and testing, it can be easy to find the right mattress to give you a comfortable night’s rest.


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