The 5 Best Office Chairs Under $300 (That Really Work)

Best Office Chair Under 300 DollarsYou spend so much of your life sitting at your desk, so it is important that you are sitting in an office chair that is comfortable for you. If not, it may result in backaches and poor posture. If you think it might be time to upgrade your office chair, check out these five office chairs that all offer a great value, superior comfort, and substantial ergonomics.

Top 5 Best Office Chairs Under $300

1.) Genesis Large Executive Office Chair

Genesis Large Executive Office ChairGenesis Large Executive Office Chair

This large office chair offers style and comfort with its cushioned seat and streamlined design. It comes with a steady five-point base with durable, multi-surface, dual wheels that allow you the mobility that you need to accomplish your work quickly and efficiently. This chair moves very fluently both on both carpet as well as on hardwood floors.

The adjustable height lets you reposition your chair for your own fit, which provides you with extra lumbar support. This will help improve your posture and any lower back pain that you may have. According to the Mayo Clinic, maintaining proper posture throughout the day prevents you from developing back problems later in life. It also helps to speed up the recovery from a back injury.

The contour of the back of the seat conforms well to the user’s entire body. When leaning back in the chair, it does not leave a gap between your body and the chair, which allows the user to feel supported. I especially like the extra cushioning for my lower back.

This chair also comes with extra padding and a pillowed headrest for additional support. The waterfall seat helps to increase circulation in your legs and decreases pressure on your spine. With all of the features of this chair, it is surprising that it is under 300 USD.


  • Assembly is simple
  • Great for people who have previously suffered from back injuries
  • Comes with an optional recline
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • The stitching is secure


  • The armrests are made out of a faux plastic material which is then painted to resemble metal
  • The arm rests are a bit unsturdy
  • Higher price range
  • Only offers three different recline angles
  • The head rest may fall short for people over 6’2″

2.) VIVA OFFICE High Back Bonded Leather Executive Chair

VIVA OFFICE High Back Bonded Leather Executive ChairVIVA OFFICE High Back Bonded Leather Executive Chair

This office chair has easy-to-use controls that allow you to either raise or lower the seat, as well as either lean back in the chair or firmly sit up straight. This ergonomic office chair is adjustable to correctly fit your seated position. According to, the seat height of an office chair should be easily adjustable for proper ergonomics.

The best way to do this, and a feature that this particular chair has, is a pneumatic adjustment lever. This lets the user have his or her feet placed flat on the floor, with their thighs at a 90-degree angle and their arms even with the desk.

To raise the seat in this chair, the user simply has to lean forward to remove any weight from the seat, then lift the lever and pull the seat up. Then, to lower the seat, just remain seated and pull up the lever until the seat is at a comfortable height.

The user also has the option to pull the lever out, allowing the chair to tilt backward, or lean forward and push the lever in to lock it into place. There is even a tilt tension knob located underneath the seat that makes it easier or more difficult to lean back in the chair.

This chair is made from bonded black leather and PVC, which creates a smooth and limber material for the chair. This covers the padded seat cushion as well as the contoured back cushion. The armrests are also covered in black padding for additional comfort.

This chair is not always sold for under 300 dollars, so it is clear to see that it is a high-quality chair at a great price.


  • This chair is great for tall people
  • Provides long-lasting comfort for heavier people
  • The tilting device can be locked at any angle while the user leans back
  • The chair’s arms move up and out of the way if desired


  • Arm stitches are not secure
  • Leather is slightly stiff
  • The leather does not allow for air flow, which may cause the user to become hot
  • Wears faster than other chairs

3.) AmazonBasics High-Back Executive Chair

AmazonBasics High-Back Executive ChairAmazonBasics High-Back Executive Chair

This chair is perfect for individual comfort, especially for people who suffer from a bad back. Its adjustable settings, butterfly seat plate, and contours help with back pain relief. It also helps to keep the spine properly aligned, which is important when sitting in a chair for a long period of time.

Anything from a herniated disc to sciatica can be relieved by switching to this ergonomic chair. This chair also has a wide range of motion with a 360-degree swivel for convenience in multi-tasking through your day. It also has durable nylon casters that allow the chair to roll smoothly from one place to the next. Many people recommend this chair for those who need to move around their office with ease.


  • Budget friendly
  • Easy assembly with clear diagrams included in the instructions
  • Quality is superior for the price
  • Great arm rest height


  • Chair tends to squeak or make noise while reclining
  • The leather cracks and peels easily
  • Not ideal for tall people

4.) Mid-Back Black Mesh Swivel Task Chair

Mid-Back Black Mesh Swivel Task ChairMid-Back Black Mesh Swivel Task Chair

This budget friendly chair is definitely worth the cost. It is a top rated chair due to the comfort it provides at a reasonable price. This contemporary chair has a curved mesh back, providing extra lower back support. The design in the mid-back provides great support to the mid and upper back region as well.

This chair has a mesh upholstered seat with a waterfall front edge. This helps to remove the pressure that can otherwise be put on the lower legs, as well as improve blood circulation. The mesh material is very breathable and allows air to circulate, which will keep you cool while working.

As with other top rated chairs, this office chair has the ability to easily swivel a full 360 degrees so you can get optimal use out of your workspace without too much effort. Also, with its dual wheel casters, the chair is able to swivel easier than other chairs with a single wheel, yet it has the same size footprint.

This chair’s mesh padded arms have a flip-up feature that is great for people who sometimes prefer an armless chair. You can also customize the seat to your desired height.


  • Breathable
  • Easy to set up
  • Functional and customizable
  • Great for larger people


  • Arm height is not adjustable
  • The hydraulic lift is not always dependable
  • Sometimes makes noise when moving around

5.) Black Ergonomic Mesh Computer Office Desk Midback Task Chair

Black Ergonomic Mesh Computer Office Desk Midback Task ChairBlack Ergonomic Mesh Computer Office Desk Midback Task Chair

This very inexpensive chair is worth the buy due to its great ratings at such a low price. Many of the reviews of this chair mention its high quality and heavy duty metal base, unlike some other chairs that have a cheaper, plastic base. This helps the chair remain sturdy throughout the day.

This comfortable chair provides support for the backs of the legs, so the entire body is aligned in a healthy way throughout the day. This is a smaller chair, which is great for tight spaces or offices that do not have a lot of room to move around in.

It is attractive and professional, providing support to the spine with a minimalistic look. One of the best features of this chair is its breathable mesh back and seat, which help air to circulate from top to bottom. This way the user is not likely to get hot, like one may while sitting in a leather chair all day.


  • Great price
  • Strong lower back support
  • Great for people of all ages


  • Comes with poor assembly instructions
  • Feels slightly flimsy
  • Makes noise when you lean back
  • The arm rests are a bit low


There are a lot of desk chairs with great ratings to choose from, and you definitely want one that will work for your body type. These are some valuable ergonomic options that won’t break the bank and are reliable for years to come. While you may not realize how important it is to have a chair with great back and spine support now, with time you will see that you do not suffer from an aching back like many other people do and you are able to comfortably work through the day.

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