5 Best Recliners for Back Pain

Best Recliner for Back PainIf you are one of the many back pain sufferers that currently exists, you know how hard it can be to find comfortable furniture. Leaning back and elevating your legs in a recliner helps to take the pressure off of your spine, but all of the different options available are overwhelming. It can be tricky to find recliners that offer the right mixture of support and comfort, but this task can be much easier once you know what to look for. The following reviews will help you to learn a bit about some of the best recliners for people with back pain.

I Suffer From Back Pain- How Do I Choose a Recliner?

Before you can pick the correct recliner, you need to know what is causing your back pain. The primary sources of back problems are the nerves of the spinal column, the muscles of the lower back, or the vertebrae in the spine. You can talk to your doctor or orthopedic surgeon to discover what sort of recliner will work the best with your individual needs. In general, something that provides lumbar support and lightly elevates the legs is a good choice for anyone dealing with temporary or chronic back pain.

When the nerves along the back are pinched or compressed, you may feel tingling, numbness, or sharp, shooting pains. People with pinched nerves typically need a recliner with a low footstool and firm lower back support. Injured bones or compressed discs of the spine typically feel like a dull, radiating pain, and the best recliner for a person with a herniated disc is one that raises the knees above the hips. Strained muscles tend to be a throbbing pain that intensifies during movement, and a recliner that is very soft and provides lumbar support is useful.

The 5 Best Recliners for Back Pain

1.) Lifting Recliners – Golden Technologies PR-510 Cloud Lift Chair

Golden Technologies PR-510 Cloud Lift ChairGolden Technologies PR-510 Cloud Lift Chair

A lift chair is ideal for people who cannot easily lower themselves or stand back up. Therefore, it is a good choice for an elderly person who has difficulty moving due to a strained muscle or arthritic hips and spine. This type of chair normally comes with a control panel, that allows the owner to raise and lower the chair so that they do not harm their back while sitting down or standing up.

This type of chair raises and tips forward so that a person can lean back against the chair and then allow it to gently move them into a seated position without straining any muscles. When the person needs to stand, the chair raises back up to set them on their feet without requiring them to use muscles as they struggle to stand. When choosing a lift chair, make sure to select one that has controls you can reach from a standing or seated position.

One of the best choices for lifted recliners is the Golden Technologies lift chairs. Their reclining armchairs are packed with state of the art technology and quality craftsmanship. In addition to raising and lowering, their chairs are also designed to smoothly transition a person from a seated position to a reclined one without any painful jerking movements.

There are many advantages to Golden Technologies beyond their lifting technology. They have recliners in a variety of colors and styles that will fit any decorating scheme, and they also offer a small version and a large version for people of varying heights. Select models also offer gel memory foam, heated seats, and massage systems. The company’s dynamic AutoFlex system gives a lumbar massage that is designed to gently stretch and relax the spine and surrounding muscles.

2.) Recliners With Separate Ottomans – Oslo Collection 52/LO3-32/103 Swivel Recliner and Ottomon

Oslo Collection 52/LO3-32/103 Swivel Recliner and Ottomon in Cobblestone Leather with a Walnut FinishOslo Collection 52/LO3-32/103 Swivel Recliner and Ottomon in Cobblestone Leather with a Walnut Finish

Most reclining chairs have a footrest that is attached to the chair. However, for people with unusual heights and leg lengths, it can be difficult to find a position that is comfortable. Fortunately, there are reclining chairs that come with ottomans which are a separate piece from the rest of the chair. These types of chairs work well for people with pinched back nerves who find it painful to raise feet too high.

A great line of recliners with separate ottomans is the stylish Oslo collection of recliners by Mac Motion Chairs. This sleek living room chair is a good choice to buy if you do not have a lot of space. Though it does not recline father back, it still reclines enough to remove pressure from the lower spine and pelvis. The ottoman can be placed closely for a short person, or it can be moved farther away for those with long legs.

If you are looking to buy a piece of furniture that provides excellent lumbar support while still being compact and elegant, this is a great choice. It is not bulky like some armchairs, and it has a beautiful finish of top grain leather and polished hardwood. The Oslo recliners are ideal for people with unusual leg lengths who need full support in both the lower and upper back.

3.) Massaging Recliners – Human Touch ThermoStretch HT-7120 Massage Chair

Human Touch ThermoStretch HT-7120 Massage ChairHuman Touch ThermoStretch HT-7120 Massage Chair

Though some of the armchair styles mentioned above may have a few minor massaging features, they cannot compare to chairs that are specifically designed to massage a person’s back. These chairs include rollers, vibrating features, and motors to mimic the experience of a traditional massage, and many also have a heating element to gently warm muscles. Make sure you talk to your doctor before using a massage chair, because it can worsen some conditions.

For people whose back pain is caused by tense muscles, a massaging recliner can be highly beneficial. The warmth and stimulating movements of the massage encourage blood flow along the back, which helps muscles to function properly. It also loosens up any muscles that are tightly knotted or tensed up due to stress or physical injury. Massage is often a pleasurable that increases endorphin levels, and high levels of these natural chemicals in the body have been linked to lowered pain and a faster recovery time.

There are many excellent massage chairs for sale, but many of the best options come from the Human Touch company. Human Touch massage recliners are designed to mimic the feeling of getting a massage from a professional massage therapist. Their equipment scans the entire back of the seated person to create an individualized massage plan that targets pressure points, and a heated system works to soothe sore joints and muscles. Their massage chairs work from the neck to the knees of a person, so any pain along the neck and spine is relieved.

These chairs work well for conditions such as arthritis, fibromyalgia, and generalized neck and back pain. They have many reclining options, ranging from thickly cushioned recliners to sleekly designed chairs that would fit in any office space. Most of their recliners can recline back far enough to remove all pressure from the vertebrae and lift the legs above the pelvis to avoid intensifying lower back pain.

4.) Classic Recliners – La-Z-Boy PowerReclineXR plus

La-Z-Boy PowerReclineXR plusLa-Z-Boy PowerReclineXR plus

There are plenty of fancy, high-tech options available these days, but some people with back pain prefer a traditional reclining armchair. These designs have been around since the 1920s because they are considered to be ideally comfortable, so not every person with back pain needs an elaborate armchair. For the average person suffering from basic back pain due to overwork or physical stress, a good recliner that elevates the feet and provides lumbar support is perfectly sufficient.

When searching for a basic recliner, the most important thing to look for is a recliner that provides lumbar support. This prevents the back from rounding out backwards, which puts pressure on the lower back. Instead, you will need a chair that has cushioning and support in the area where your lower back will be. A recliner should also allow you to lean back so that there is an angle of at least 135 degrees between the legs and torso, because this puts less strain on the lower discs of the spine.

La-Z-Boy armchairs still makes the top rated recliner, so one of the best choices for a traditionally overstuffed armchair is the La-Z-Boy PowerReclineXR plus. This is a version of their PowerReclineXR chair that has added lumbar support and padding in the lower half of the back, and the level of support is completely customizable. It also has a remote to let you raise and lower the back independently to customize the chair to your shape. Since it is powered instead of manually operated, it will smoothly switch between positions without jarring the back.

5.) Zero Gravity Recliners – Human Touch PC-300 Perfect Chair

Human Touch PC-300 Perfect Chair Electric Power Recline Wood Base Zero-Gravity ReclinerHuman Touch PC-300 Perfect Chair Electric Power Recline Wood Base Zero-Gravity Recliner

A zero gravity recliner is a recliner that goes farther back than a traditional reclining chair, and it lifts the feet so that they are almost level with the head. They are called zero gravity because they mimic the natural shape that the body falls into when it is floating in a zero gravity environment. This type of chair is useful for almost any type of back pain because it is an ergonomic shape that avoids putting stress along the back and hips.

There are many different options available for zero gravity chairs, ranging from a massive armchair to a light fabric lounge chair, but what all of them will have in common is their shape. A zero gravity arm chair will avoid putting the body into any tight angles. Instead, the entire body will be relaxed in a smooth curve when a person uses a zero gravity chair. Some people find zero gravity recliners to be so comfortable that they sleep in their zero gravity chair instead of using a bed.

The Human Touch brand of chairs was previously mentioned in this article for their excellent massage chairs, but the company’s knowledge of the human body has also been put into creating the ideal zero gravity recliner. Their Perfect Chair line of recliners are shaped so that the person in the chair retains perfectly ergonomic posture at recline angles ranging from 105 degrees to 165 degrees. This allows a person to get the spine relaxing benefits from the zero gravity chair whether they are sitting up to watch television or laying back to relax.

When using this chair, the spine vertebrae are naturally decompressed, easing sore joints and vertebrae. The positioning of a zero gravity chair avoids causing any muscles to be pulled into positions that would further strain or stress them, and nerves are less likely to be pinched by poor posture. There is also a high density lumbar support that further protects and cushions the back.


I recommend any of the above chairs if you regularly deal with back pain because a recliner is one of the best options for comfortably taking a break. Traditional chairs force you to support the weight of your own back, but when you lean back in a recliner, you no longer have to put pressure on your spine and tense your back muscles. For people with bad backs, a recliner is often a better option than a straight-backed chair with no foot rest.

Due to modern technology, there are many companies that focus on creating ergonomic recliners that ease stress along the back, and some options can even use heating and massage to further reduce back tension. With the many excellent options for recliners, you are certain to find one that fits your individual needs. Whether you pick a traditionally overstuffed recliner or a high-tech massage chair filled with gears and motors, the right choice will help you to reduce or even stop back pain.

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