The 5 Best Standing Desk Converters (That Really Work)


Best Standing Desk ConverterWhat do Thomas Jefferson, Leonardo da Vinci, and Virginia Woolf all have in common? All of these brilliant individuals often completed their work at standing desks! These practical desks, which involve standing and working at a comfortably ergonomic height, have many potential health benefits. Preliminary research suggests that using a stand-up desk may prevent back pain, reduce blood sugar levels, improve heart health, and boost mood, productivity, and energy levels!

Investing in a standing desk converter is arguably the best and most affordable way to create an ideal standing desk for your home or office. We’ve completed extensive testing and research to discover the very best standing desk converters on the market.

Whether you’re looking to reduce back pain or simply boost your energy levels at work, we can wholeheartedly recommend that investing in one the following top-rated standing desk converters.

Does a Standing Desk Help with Back Pain?

Back Support for Office ChairsAs a result of our sedentary culture, many of us experience back pain from sitting too long. The majority of office workers experience neck discomfort, shoulder strains, or lower back pain during the course of their careers.

Though only a limited number of studies have been completed to date, research indicates that standing desks have the potential to significantly reduce and prevent back pain. One such study revealed that the use of a standing desk could reduce lower back pain by up to 1/3 within weeks of switching desk types. Another study indicates that the use of a mixed sit-stand desk during the workday had the the potential to reduce neck and upper back pain by more than 50% after a month of use. Removal of the desks resulted in a return of lower back pain, indicating that the desks were the primary source of improvement.

These results suggest that the use of a standing desk may have many benefits for back pain sufferers. Whether you experience occasional shoulder pain or chronic lower back pain, investing in a standing desk or desk converter is a decision worth considering.

Things To Consider Before Buying a Standing Desk Converter

Though standing desk converters are almost always more affordable than full standing desks, they remain a significant investment. Before you buy a converter, be sure to consider the following important purchasing criteria. By paying attention to these factors, you will best be able to make an informed decision, leaving you satisfied with the product you receive.

Working Space and Design

Standing desk converters tend to have less working space than standard, full-sized standing or sitting desks. For most workers, having an adequate amount of working space remains important.

Some standing desk converters feature a single platform, whereas others are tiered, allowing for wireless keyboards to be placed at more ergonomically-friendly heights. If you’re planning on using a wireless keyboard or mouse, this design may be best for you. This tier may also be useful for those who have separate documents or work tools they’d like to keep on hand. Others may find this two-tiered design bothersome or superfluous. Such customers should instead opt for a single-tiered converter.

Assembly and Adjustability

Though most high-quality standing desk converters require little to no assembly, some may need to be put together. If you’d like to avoid the assembly process, consider this factor when selecting a converter to purchase.

Many individuals who purchase standing desk converters seek desks that can smoothly transition between standing and sitting settings. If you plan to adjust your desk on a regular basis, be sure to choose an adjustable converter that enables smooth and easy height modifications.

Ergonomic Design

The ergonomics of a desk converter can be difficult to evaluate, particularly when making an online purchase. If possible, read at least one review from someone of roughly the same height as you or someone with comparable ergonomic needs. By finding a desk that can be tailored to your particular height, you can improve your odds of reducing future back pain.

Durability and Stability

Standing desks must be stable and sturdy to support computers, keyboards, and other heavy devices. When contemplating a product, skim the ratings to evaluate the product’s build quality. A good standing desk converter should have sturdy legs, support heavy objects, and remain stable during the adjustment process.

Price and Value

For a high-quality stand-up desk, be prepared to make a significant investment. Though some desks converters may be available for less, poorly-crafted bargain products may put your expensive devices at risk of breakage.

Though most standing desk converters cost a minimum of $50-100, some desks are significantly more expensive than others. If you’re looking for a good deal, choose a simple, less expensive product with a large number of positive reviews. If durability and craftsmanship are what you seek, investing in a more costly product may be of value to you.

Ratings and Review Reliability

When making an online purchase, it is particularly important to read reviews for the product you are buying. All of the standing desk converters on our list have been double-checked to ensure that their reviews are as authentic and unbiased as possible. For each product you are considering, we recommend reading through a number of top-rated customer reviews. In this way, you can best determine whether or not a particular standing desk converter will best meet your needs.

Warranties and Return Policies

As standing desk converters can be costly, it is important to examine the terms and conditions behind your purchase. Look for products that offer good exchange policies and customer service. A good warranty will also ensure that you can use your desk converter for years to come.

Top 5 Best Standing Desk Converters

1.) PWR+ Portable, Fully-Adjustable Laptop-Table-Stand

PWR+ Portable, Fully-Adjustable Laptop-Table-StandPWR+ Portable, Fully-Adjustable Laptop-Table-Stand

Are you new to the world of standing desks and looking for an affordable, entry-level option? If so, the PWR+ Laptop-Table-Stand just might be the right standing desk converter for you! This lightweight, aluminum converter can be set to any angle and various heights, making it a great option for those seeking to use it in multiple settings. The converter requires no assembly and comes with an excellent 30 day money-back guarantee in addition to a 2-year warranty.

The PWR+ isn’t for everyone, however. The stand doesn’t offer much space to accommodate more than a computer and a mouse. The stand’s compact folding design, however, makes it particularly easy to transport and store.

Fully adjustable and highly affordable, the PWR+ Laptop-Table-Stand is the perfect choice for computer users seeking a simple standing desk solution.


  • At less than $50 (Click Here for Current Price & More Details), the PWR+ is extremely budget-friendly and the most affordable option on our list.
  • The PWR+ is so versatile that it can be also be used as a breakfast tray, reading table, writing desk, gaming table, and more.
  • The desk comes with USB-powered CPU cooling fans, offering users the tools to prevent their computers overheating.


  • A number of customers found the mouse pad to be slightly too small for their liking.
  • Computers and other objects may need to be removed from the converter before making adjustments to the height and angles of the stand.

2.) X-Elite PRO Height-Adjustable Desk Converter

X-Elite Pro Height-Adjustable Desk ConverterX-Elite Pro Height-Adjustable Desk Converter

Sturdy, large, and tailored to fit most standard desks, the X-Elite PRO Height-Adjustable Desk Converter is an excellent choice for those seeking to create a comfortable standing working environment. With a generous, single-tiered desktop space and the ability to set heights of up to 16 inches, the X-Elite PRO is ergonomically ideal, accommodating a computer, mouse, keyboard, and even coffee all on a single surface. With a powerful, 3-second height adjustment system and the capacity to support up to 20 pounds, this desk converter is both durable and highly functional.

If a large and comfortable work space is what you seek, opt for the X-Elite PRO Desk Converter.


  • The large 28×20-inch surface of the X-Elite PRO makes it possible to set multiple items on the desk in addition to a laptop or desktop-style computer.
  • Back pain sufferers credit the X-Elite PRO for significantly reducing their pain levels.
  • Comparing quality and functionality to equivalent standing desk converters, the X-Elite PRO is the most affordable high-end converter on our list.


  • According to a few customers, the X-Elite PRO is not ideal for use as a sit-stand desk, as its lowest setting remains too high.
  • A small number of customers noted that the converter sometimes got stuck in the extended position, making it difficult or impossible to re-adjust the desk’s height.

3.) FlexiSpot M2B 35-Inch Standing Desk Riser

FlexiSpot M2B 35-Inch Standing Desk RiserFlexiSpot M2B 35-Inch Standing Desk Riser

Massive, sturdy, and elegantly designed, the FlexiSpot M2B 35-Inch Standing Desk Converter is a product tailored to those who are serious about creating professional sit-stand setups in their homes or offices. The FlexiSpot‘s incredible two-tiered design allows for wireless keyboards and mice to be kept at an ideal height, separate from computers and other devices. This design also prevents forward-leaning posture, significantly reducing symptoms associated with shoulder, neck, and back pain. A gentle squeeze of the FlexiSpot‘s handles is all that is needed to gracefully adjust the height of this large desk. The table’s impressive depth, which exceeds that of nearly all equivalent desks, makes it a particularly good choice for those who require space for paperwork, electronics, or other tools in front of their computers.

Individuals looking for a full-sized replacement to their sitting desks will benefit from using the FlexiSpot 35-Inch Standing Desk Riser.


  • With a table depth of 31.5 inches, the FlexiSpot M2B offers multiple extra inches of depth when compared to most equally-wide desks.
  • Weighing a total of 54 pounds, the FlexiSpot Standing Desk is among the strongest and sturdiest standing desk converters on the market.


  • Some customers experienced difficulties assembling the FlexiSpot desk, particularly regarding missing screws.
  • A small number of customers experienced issues regarding the desk’s height adjustment mechanism.

4.) Halter ED-258 Height-Adjustable Elevating Desktop

Halter ED-258 Height-Adjustable Elevating DesktopHalter ED-258 Height-Adjustable Elevating Desktop

The Halter Height-Adjustable Elevating Desktop is a sight to behold. Designed with two tiers and a beautiful wooden finish, this hefty standing desk converter is as visually appealing as it is practical. With dimensions of 35.6×20.4, the Halter desk offers enough working space to accommodate three monitors while still managing to fit on top of standard office desks.

The process of switching the Halter Elevating Desktop between standing and sitting modes is as easy as squeezing both handles on the sides of the desk. When the handles are released, the desk automatically locks itself into position. This design makes the Halter Desktop perhaps the speediest and most secure adjustable desk on our list. Best of all, customers rave that their back problems disappeared after switching to the Halter desk.

To alleviate your back pain in style, replace your sitting desk with the Halter Height-Adjustable Elevating Desktop.


  • Unlike any other standing desk converter on our list, the Halter Elevating Desktop was specifically designed to improve back health and posture.
  • With the ability to support a maximum load of over 44 pounds, Halter’s standing desk converter is the best product on our list for supporting heavy computers and appliances.


  • The Halter desk may not be suitable for customers over 6 feet in height.
  • Individuals with arm weakness or particularly bad back problems may find it difficult to comfortably adjust the height of this desk.

5.) The Standing Desktop Desk, 32-Inch Wide Model

The Standing Desktop Desk, 32-Inch Wide ModelThe Standing Desktop Desk, 32-Inch Wide Model

The Standing Desktop Desk is a simple, affordable, and practical height-adjustable desk converter. With a basic four-legged design and single-tiered 32×23.5-inch desktop surface, this desk is best suited to customers looking for uncomplicated desktop arrangements. The height of the working surface can be raised or lowered 6 inches via basic telescoping legs, allowing users of most heights to comfortably work with the desk. The desktop’s straight-legged design even enables workers to utilize the surface space beneath the desk, effectively doubling usable surface area.

If a no-frills, sturdy, back-saving standing desk converter is what you need, buy the Standing Desktop Desk.


  • Available at an affordable price point, the Standing Desktop Desk is a great option for those looking to try a stand-up desk arrangement without making a three-digit investment.
  • With a large desktop surface, this desk converter is ideal for setting up multiple-monitor work spaces.


  • Due to its weight, the Standing Desktop Desk should not be used as a portable desk by individuals with back pain issues.
  • Some individuals, particularly those who are shorter, may find the height of the desk less than ideal.

In Conclusion:

A standing desk converter may be one of the most valuable tools for reducing your lower back pain. By standing and working in an ergonomically-friendly environment, you may be able to prevent future wrist, neck, shoulder, and back problems from developing.

Choose one of the aforementioned stand-up desk converters to reap the many health benefits that standing has to offer. Your body and mind will surely thank you!




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