How to Heal a Herniated Disc Naturally


How to Heal a Herniated Disc NaturallyOne of the conditions that many people do not see it coming, is a slip disc or a herniated disc. It is a problem that affects the spinal disc within the vertebrae. A crack on the surface of the spinal disc makes the jelly in it to ooze out, causing an aggravation to nerves around it, leading to severe pains. It also causes lots of discomfort in arms and legs.

A herniated disc is one of the major causes of lower back pains that most people experience. According facts put forth by the American Chiropractic Association , about 31 million individuals in the USA suffer from lower back pain. Whereas therapies and medication help with herniated discs, the condition can be naturally treated without surgery in mind.

Many people with this or any other condition related to it often ask, can a herniated disc heal on its own? The answer is yes, and the following are the natural ways that aids in the process.

Natural Methods of Healing a Herniated Disc

The natural healing of a herniated disc can be achieved through nutrition, exercise, and some treatments to be followed. They are the most effective ways of letting a herniated disc or a bulging disc heal on its own.

Nutritional Methods

1. Eating Bone Broth Diet

Giving the body the right nutrients it requires is the first step to letting a herniated disc or a bulging disc heal on its own. To do this, one needs to follow a collagen diet, which will enhance the healing and repair of damaged discs or tissues. Collagen is found in bone broth proteins or its liquid.

Dieting on collagen means having to drink bone broth regularly. Bone broth liquid can be bought in stores. A frozen one is better. As an absolute must for healing the condition, two servings a day is necessary. As one of the home remedies, you can combine chicken, carrots, onions, and other ingredients with chicken bone broth that will help you eat the collagen without a problem.

The broth will give your body the necessary nutrients that will gradually reduce and heal back pains, a stiff neck and other issues brought about by a herniated disc.

2. Water

It is a recommendation that people drink lots of water during the day, which is up to 13 8-oz cups. For a herniated disc, when the jelly inside it spills out over time it causes dehydration and starts wearing or drying out. Sitting or moving starts becoming an issue as a result of pain. To prevent this from happening, drinking water ensures that the discs have enough fluids that cushion the vertebrae. Herniated or bulging discs will start fluid reabsorption leading to gradual healing.

3. Glucosamine and Chondroitin Sulfate

Glucosamine Sulfate has often been associated with the healing of arthritis. It is a supplement that exists in fluids of human joints and lobster, crab and shrimp shells. This supplement is essential for the lubrication of joints and the repair of damaged cartilage. Chondroitin on the other hand, naturally forms in the cartilage of animals and humans. The two supplements have, over time, been used to treat joint-related issues including disc degeneration.

This method of treatment, however, has little evidence suggesting its effectiveness. But for herniated disc healing, a dosage of 1500 milligrams and between 800 and 1200 milligrams of glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate respectively, should be taken daily.

4. Fish Oil

A slipped disc can be treated without surgery using fish oil. This home remedy is effective based on fish oil’s anti-inflammatory ability. It has been known to reduce inflammations and pain caused by degenerative disc conditions. Consequently, supplements of fish oil like the Omega 3, also reduces inflammations as evidenced in rheumatoid arthritis treatment.

Taking fish oil and its supplements like Omega 3, at least 1000 milligrams a day, is an effective way of letting herniated discs repair naturally. Fish roe is also as good a supplement as the Omega 3 fish oil itself.

Other effective home remedies for treating herniated discs are the consumption of enough Vitamin C, Cissus Quadrangularis supplements, anti-inflammatory herbs like turmeric and MSM supplements, which help with the joint repair.

The most efficient way to curing the herniated disc problem is through proper nutrition. Supplements, vitamins, certain foods and drinking lots of water miraculously lead to the natural healing of the ruptured discs, leaving you free of pain and other joint related issues.


Away from the nutritional home remedies, the following types of activities are ideal for the treatment of herniated discs or bulging discs.

1. Deadlifts

Part of staying fit in our lives often involve going to the gym. One of the useful exercises you can do in the gym for a natural treatment of herniated disc is deadlifts. Deadlifts build the erector muscles, which in turn protect and strengthens the spine. A healthy spine achieved through progressive lifting prevents further injury to a herniated disc. Bones will thicken and over time, the mineral density increases, thereby aiding in the healing process.

Starting with light loads and then progressing to heavier ones is a recommendation.

2. Walking

Whether one suffers from a slip disc, a bulged disc or not, walking remains as the best treatment method for many injuries. Walking for at least thirty minutes every three hours is the best way to start. Remember not to strain or push yourself too muc,h especially if you are experiencing some pain.

3. Yoga

The best way to often relieve yourself from pain, like a therapist or a doctor would advise, is through yoga. It is an effective and fun home remedy technique that is equally effective in making your legs and the spine remain flexible. A therapist will show you the basic moves that will not further elevate the pain. Regular yoga strengthens the muscles around the lumbar and cervical vertebrae leading to a gradual healing process of the slipped discs.

Full length Yoga class for a Herniated Disc

Other exercises one can do to enhance healing includes squats, weighted planks, bar bending, and suitcase carrying, for at least a couple of times a day.

Core Exercise
Core Exercise

Physical exercises are an effective way of staying healthy. With proper gym exercises like deadlifts, weighted planks, squats push ups and yoga, also, strengthens the body muscles leading to stronger spines and healthy vertebrae. In addition to aiding the gradual healing of herniated discs, exercise prevents the occurrence or further injury. It relieves and reduces lower back pains.

Exercises to avoid includes those that put you in deep flexion like some twisting motions and knee to chest stretches.


Some of the habits that make the best natural treatments for herniated discs include:

1. Rest

Plenty of rest, which does not involve sleeping in the same position for hours, is recommended. People suffering from herniated discs should rest on flat surfaces like floors or firm beds with small pillows placed underneath the knees to prevent worsening of the injured discs. Again, sleeping on your stomach is not recommended.

2. Daily Massage

Daily massage is recommended for some areas of the body to get pressurized and relieve severe pain. A good massage will include gentle stroking, kneading and the manipulation of back tissues. The result will be efficient blood flow, which will enhance sufficient absorption of oxygen and nutrients in the body.

3. Posture

Improper sitting, sleeping, walking, standing, or eating positions only lead to further development of issues like stiff back or even abdominal pains and headaches. If you are suffering from herniated disc, it is important to maintain correct posture; sitting upright, standing straight and avoid staying in the same positions for hours.

Practicing egoscue is another lifestyle one could adopt to avoid worsening of herniated discs.

You shouldn’t rush to get medication or surgery whenever you have a slipped disc. The first best method is adopting a healthy lifestyle like good posture, having a massage, having plenty of rest among others. All these will ease and alleviate the pain you are feeling without a visit to the doctor’s office.

Other Treatments

Other natural treatments of herniated disc apart from nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle include:

1. Getting Chiropractic Care

Proper chiropractic adjustments retrain the spine to its correct form and give it back the original and right curvature. Too much or too little curves in the lumbar or cervical spines results to herniated discs. Chiropractic care should help. However, this should be done with utmost care as some chiropractic exercises, instead of aiding the healing process, further worsens or makes one suffer from the condition.

2. Using TENS

TENS, which stands for Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulations is another option for naturally healing a herniated disc. This device allows one to pass a low-voltage electrical current in the lumbar region or the affected part, leading to the release of a liquid in the body referred to as endorphin. Endorphin is a natural painkiller, which will help with the back pain.

3. Using the Inversion Therapy Technique

Best Inversion Table for Back PainUsing an inversion table, one can utilize it to perform spinal tractions, which will increase the intervertebral spaces. The technique will drive away pressure from the roots of the nerves with gravity’s help. A great alternative here, will also be the use of a stabilizing frame.

Apart from dieting and exercising as well as leading a healthy lifestyle, if you are not satisfied or if the results were not effective, the above three alternative treatment methods work best in relieving your lower back pains, and ensuring that your herniated discs heal naturally. The use of decompression machines in therapy is the most effective as opposed to traction.

In as much as herniated discs can be corrected using surgery and other medical methods, one shouldn’t rush into doing it without first trying to let them heal naturally. A healthy lifestyle and diet with proper exercise are as effective as what would have been done in the hospital. Only you don’t get to spend lots of money doing it.


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