Inada Sogno Dreamwave Massage Chair Review: Is It Worth Buying?

Inada Sogno Dreamwave Massage ChairMany people these days are interested in buying a high quality massage chair. Individuals who experience back pain in addition to those who just want a healthy way to destress after a long day at work are all interested in getting a great massage for free in the comfort of their home. These days, the Inada Sogno DreamWave is one of the most prominent shiatsu massage therapy chairs on the market, and it is definitely worth looking into when people are serious about getting a great massage at home.

Features and Specification

Inada Sogno Dreamwave Massage Chair

Inada Sogno Dreamwave

The Inada Songno DreamWave is a full body massage chair that offers more than 1,200 square inches of coverage. The chairs movements are designed to imitate the back mobilization treatments offered by chiropractors and physical therapists.

A massage in this chair begins with a scan that will customize the experience based on the user’s body type. After determining which of the 106 types a person is, they can choose one of eight different shiatsu massages that are specially created for different effects and times of the day. There are a number of strength options available including those for young people and individuals who have severe back pain.

In addition to massage, the chair provides stretch sessions. These are great for the hips, back and shoulders. In fact, this Inada massage chair is the only one on the market that comes with Iliotibial Band runners to help with tension in the thighs and hips. The shoulder and neck massage unit provides deep tension relief.

This massage chair comes with a foot and calf massage unit that Inada created. It mimics the way that a massage therapist would manipulate pressure points in these areas and leads to serious relaxation. There is also a remote control that is attached to the unit with a cable. This allows people to quickly and easily change between different functions or create their own custom program.

Inada Sogno Dreamwave Massage Chair

Inada Sogno Dreamwave


There are a number of benefits that people can get when they buy this zero gravity massage chair. It comes with a three-year warranty that includes coverage for all labor and parts. The company will even send a technician to owners’ homes in order to do any repairs. In addition, people have the option to extend their warranty to five years with the same kind of coverage.

The chair is extremely sturdy at around 265 pounds, and there is no weight limit for people who use the chair. This is in stark contrast to similar chairs that have a weight limit of a little more than 200 pounds. It also has a generous height allowance that lets people between 6’5″ and 5″ use the chair. The Inada Sogno also comes with a number of safety features like a pet sensor, child safety lock and breakaway cord that make it great for any household.

With thirteen separate motors, this chair can target almost any part of the body with a very high level of accuracy. In fact, many physical therapists and chiropractors specifically recommend this model because it can cover such a wide range of muscle groups. With 100 air cells including 20 in the arm section alone, this chair can definitely deliver a satisfying massage. Combined with the 18 manual massage settings and eight pre-programmed shiatsu sessions, the Inada Sogo DreamWave can help anyone destress and get rid of pain. In addition, the chair comes in a number of colors with a leather option that costs a bit extra.


Osaki OS-4000 Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair

Osaki OS-4000

The biggest con that comes with purchasing the Inada Sogno is its price tag. While it truly may be one of the most advanced massage chairs currently available on the market, many of the features found in the Inada Sogno are also available with other chairs. In comparison with another chair like the Osaki OS-4000 that costs significantly less, the two chairs can do pretty much the same things. Though other cheaper massage chairs contain only about half as many air cells as the Sogno, the alternatives can provide almost the exact same types of massage. However, many of these are made in China, come with lower quality parts and do not provide the same kind of solid construction and warranty as the Sogno.

The Inada Sogno DreamWave also comes unassembled in two large boxes that weigh in at a total of about 300 pounds. It is a large chair, and some owners have reported that it can be difficult to assemble depending on how handy an individual is. The two sections need to be put together using a wrench that is included in the package. Some people may have to rely on installers to put the chair together, and this can add to the cost.

The remote that is used to control the chair has also received some complaints. It is not illuminated or backlit in any way, and this makes it very difficult to use the chair in dark environments. In addition, the manual settings on the remote do not let people utilize all of the features that the chair has to offer.

Other users have commented on the fact that the chair should be more technologically advanced. For example, it is impossible to upgrade the chair’s firmware, and this means users will not have the opportunity to gain more features in the future without purchasing a newer model. The Inada Sogno also lacks a smartphone app that would allow people to program and control the chair, and it is impossible to upgrade the bladders.

In addition, Inada has introduced a new massage chair that is called the Dreamwave. Though this chair can provide things like enhanced air bags for the arms, it comes at higher retail prices. Those who are looking for the highest end chair on the market may want to look into the newer Dreamwave.

Inada Sogno Dreamwave Massage Chair

Inada Sogno Dreamwave


The Inada Sogno DreamWave massage chair is great for individuals who want to receive shiatsu therapy at home. With 100 air cells and a multitude of different settings and types of massage, it can provide the relief that anyone is looking for. This chair is made in Japan using high quality materials, and, even though it has a relatively high price tag, it will last for many years even with regular use. Despite the fact that some of its features could be more technologically advanced, this is the best chair on the market for those who want a solid massage chair that will last for a long time and do not want to pay for the extras that come with the newer Dreamwave.

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