Ironman IFT 4000 Review: Is It Worth Buying?


Ironman IFT 4000 Infrared Therapy Inversion TableMany people around the world, whether young or old, suffer from some form of back problem. Unfortunately, methods to correct back pain, such as going to a chiropractor or having surgery, can become quite expensive. Surgical methods used to correct back pain are not only costly, but risky as well. This is where the Ironman IFT 4000 comes into play.

Features and Specifications

The assembly of this device is extremely easy. Only a handful of parts need to be screwed or bolted together with common household tools. As one can already guess, the design is very simple and has an inversion table that can turn an entire 180 degrees with three starting positions.

To prevent accidental falls or slips, foam handles are built within easy reach. The table itself has more than sufficient stability to keep the user safely balanced while on the machine. On top of that, a safety strap secures the user to the table. If one follows the instructions thoroughly, there is virtually no risk of injury or accidents.

Thanks to its sturdy design, the Ironman IFT 4000’s weight limit is set at 350 pounds. Depending the retailer, the machine’s price ranges anywhere from 200 to 300 dollars, which is far cheaper than any surgery or chiropractor. There are tons of different places online where one can buy this excellent, innovative machine. All of this, however, barely scratches the surface.

Ironman IFT 4000 Infrared Therapy Inversion Table
Ironman IFT 4000 Infrared Therapy Inversion Table

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There are numerous benefits to gain from this wonderful machine. For one, it has come a long way from the previous model, the Ironman IFT 1000. With the 4000’s higher price comes much higher quality. It’s important to note that both versions have temperature control heating pads, adjustable sizes and excellent safety features among other features.

The 4000 version has a backrest that happens to be a bit more comfortable, due to the 2.5 inch thick padding, whereas the 1000 version has one-inch padding. Note that the none of these versions use memory foam, unlike the Ironman Gravity 4000. On the other hand, the quality of the Innova Fitness ITM4800 falls somewhere between these two, placing the Ironman IFT 4000 at the top of the list. It also is a little more sturdy. As already stated, the 4000 version hold up to 350 pounds of weight.

Compare that to the 1000 version’s capacity of 275 pounds. Although the difference is small, it really goes a long way when it comes to long term usage of the machine. Both the 1000 and 4000 version can be folded for easy storage. Another nice advantage that the 4000 has over the 1000 is that it uses a palm-activated ratchet system, quite unlike the other version that uses a spring loaded system.

Now that all the specifications of each model, more specifically the 4000 version, have been discussed, it’s time to talk about how it all works to relieve back pain.

How It Works

The Ironman IFT has a temperature control system that can reach a “temperature of 140 degrees Fahrenheit”, which “takes about 15 to 20 minutes to [heat] up”. The important part about the heat feature is that it causes the muscles to fully relax. Its built in massaging system aids in muscle relaxation as well. Without relaxation, realignment of one’s back becomes significantly more difficult due to the muscles resisting movement.

Not only does the heat allow the muscles to relax, but it helps them become more flexible, allowing the spinal discs to more easily realign. Once a person’s back is fully warmed up and relaxed, they can then move onto the spinal decompression process. By tilting one’s body in very specific positions, pressure on the user’s discs and ligaments is relieved.

This tilting of the body also aids in increased blood circulation, which helps relieve back pain conditions such as herniated discs, bulging discs, fibromyalgia and pinched sciatic nerves. Continued use of this device can dramatically decrease back pain.


Although very minor, the Ironman IFT 4000 comes with its downsides and flaws. For one, the table cannot be locked at any given inversion angle. Also, any size adjustments must be made before getting on the machine or device. The table is rather difficult to lay flat and does not like to stand up when folded for storage.

A few reviews complained about the ankle straps being uncomfortable. However, this was easily fixed by wearing thicker socks. Because the LED display is located on the underside of the back support, it’s difficult to see how quickly the heat adjusts. Overall, the pros of this machine overwhelm the cons.


The Ironman IFT 4000 Infrared Therapy Inversion Table is one of the best back pain relief products available today. Its affordable price makes it fit in just about anyone’s budget. It just might be the best investment that one can make, saving them thousands, of dollars in surgery and chiropractor bills. However, it’s best to hear it straight from the horse’s mouth, so here are some reviews of this great product.

One review said that the “assembly was much easier than it looked . . . [on] the instructions” (Amazon Review). Most notably, another said that they got “instant pain relief” while using the machine (Amazon Review). Many more reviews said very similary things about the product. If one is still in doubt, they can easily look up hundreds of different five-star reviews on amazon.

Nobody should have to shell out thousands of dollars just to relieve their miserable back pain. Using the same methods and techniques that chiropractors have used for years, the Ironman IFT 4000 is able to actually fix and realign one’s back, all in the comfort of one’s home. Because of this, every penny spent on this machine will pay off tenfold in the future.


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