Osaki OS-4000T Massage Chair Review: Does it Really Work?


Osaki OS-4000T Massage ChairIndividuals suffering from chronic back pain often turn to massage chairs for help. Though massage chairs are a serious investment, today’s high-tech chairs are worth the price. For individuals who regularly book professional massage appointments, a massage chair is a cost-effective alternative that is worth considering.

The Osaki OS-4000T Massage Chair is one of the most popular back pain relief products on the market today. This technologically-advanced chair is one of the best at-home devices for back pain relief.

Is the Osaki massage chair a good product? Is it worth buying? Read our Osaki OS-4000T review to discover the answers to these questions and more.

Features & Specifications of the Osaki OS-4000T

The Osaki OS-4000T possesses a number of high-tech features and functions. The specifications of the OS-4000T are very similar to those of the OS-4000, the previous chair model.

Osaki OS-4000T Massage ChairOsaki OS-4000T Massage Chair

The most notable features of the chair include the following:

A Massive 30-Inch Roller Stroke

The main failing of many massage chairs is the limited range of the back massage rollers. The OS-4000T, however, has an impressive 30-inch massage stroke range. Instead of hitting just the shoulders and lower back, the Osaki massage chair’s four massage rollers run from the base of the neck all the way down to the lower lumbar zone. This broad range offers users a much more comprehensive massage experience. The twin rollers used in the chair make the massage experience particularly humanistic and relaxing.

Modern Airbag Technology

Many professional massage therapists incorporate a “grip, squeeze, and release” motion into their massage routines. This massage technique is known to relax tight muscles and improve circulation throughout the body. The airbags used in the Osaki massage chair are meant to emulate this type of massage.

The OS-4000T includes a whopping 48 airbags. These airbags help massage and relax the body from head to toe. They also provide support and make this zero gravity massage chair even more comfortable. Five pressure settings are available to users who wish to customize the intensity of the airbags’ pressure.

Diverse Massage Programs

Osaki OS-4000T Massage Chair
Osaki OS-4000T Massage Chair

The Osaki massage chair comes equipped with a broad assortment of massage programs. Six different massage styles are available with the chair: Swedish, shiatsu, clapping, kneading, rolling, and combo massage. The shiatsu and Swedish massage functions are two of the best for individuals suffering from chronic back pain. Five full-body massage programs and three spot-specific programs are also available on the OS-4000T. The specific massage programs target the lower body, the back, and the neck and shoulders. These diverse massage styles and programs are perfect for users suffering from frequent pain or tightness.

S-Track & Body Scan Technology

The OS-4000T comes equipped with a few particularly high-tech features. Before massaging you, the chair actually uses sensors to scan your body, detecting your spinal curvature, height, width, and position in the chair. This technological feature ensures that your entire body will be targeted by the chair’s mechanical massage elements.

The information from the body scan is used by Osaki’s S-Track massage robot to create a massage catered to your specific needs and desires. The massage robot aligns itself to the curvature of the neck and back, enhancing the effectiveness of the massage. This “smart massage” functionality just might make the Osaki the best massage chair on the market.

Lumbar Heating Pad

Many individuals with chronic back pain use heating pads or similar devices to reduce pain in the lumbar region. Though some massage chairs are heated, most aren’t. The chairs that are heated tend to be particularly expensive.

The Osaki OS-4000T offers the best of both worlds. The chair’s heated lumbar cushioning makes it perfect for individuals looking to soothe and relax their backs. The heating helps reduce the sensation of nerve pain and enhances the effectiveness of each massage. The Osaki massage chair also offers this function at a fraction of the price of most heated massage chairs. Instead of buying another heating pad, users can enjoy the healing benefits of heat while relaxing in their massage chair.

If lumbar heating is particularly important to you, avoid purchasing lower-numbered Osaki chairs, such as the Osaki OS-3000. These chairs do not come equipped with heated lumbar pads.

Zero Gravity Design

The OS-4000T’s zero gravity feature is one of the reasons the chair is so popular with consumers. The “zero gravity” pose involves relaxing in a position where the feet are raised to roughly the same level as the heart. This body position, which has been researched by NASA, has been proven to relax the vertebrae in the back, reducing back, neck, and shoulder pain. When coupled with massage the position also boosts circulation and allows for total relaxation of the body.

Most chairs that offer zero gravity functionality cost far more than the OS-4000T. The more-affordable Osaki chair offers two automatic zero gravity settings along with the weightless support of 48 airbags. Few massage chairs offer such a valuable feature at such a reasonable price.

Pros of the Osaki OS-4000T

All of the aforementioned features and functions can be regarded as “pros” for the Osaki massage chair. The zero gravity function, body scanning technology, lumbar heating pad, airbags, rollers, and diverse massage programs are all solid reasons to consider purchasing this device.

Osaki OS-4000T Massage Chair

In addition to its technological features, the OS-4000T has a sleek and attractive design. The chair is available in black, brown, charcoal, and cream, allowing you to pick a color that matches your home décor.

Osaki also offers an impressive warranty on their products. The OS-4000T comes with a generous 3-year warranty. Customers can rest easy knowing that their purchase is protected for years to come.

In short, there are many reasons to consider this massage chair. Its assortment of functions, attractive design, and 3-year warranty are all worthwhile reasons to consider this massage chair.

Cons of the Osaki OS-4000T

Despite its many features and functions, there are a handful of reasons to consider alternatives to this massage chair. Though the chair satisfies most individuals, the massages it gives are certainly not the same as those given by another individual. Some people may feel as though the chair does not give them a firm enough massage or does not target their problem areas. Your specific needs should be considered before investing in a massage chair.

Some customers note that the Osaki OS-4000T is too hard on the calves, leading to bruising. If you have particularly sensitive legs, you may wish to choose another massage chair.

Assembly of the chair is somewhat complicated. Customers may wish to hire a white glove service to make the assembly process easier.

Though the OS-4000T will probably meet most customers’ needs, the chair is not nearly as upscale as other massage chairs. The Osaki OS-7200H, for instance, comes equipped with a quad-roller head massage system, 51 airbags, an automatic leg scanner, and the ability to sync your massage with music. If you value these additional features, you may wish to consider other massage chairs.

Alternatively, there are cheaper massage chairs on the market, too. If you’re looking for a versatile zero gravity massage chair, for instance, the Cozzia 16028 offers many of the same functions as the OS-4000T at a budget price.

Though the OS-4000T is among the best massage chairs out there, it is wise to consider a wide variety of products before making a final purchase.

The Osaki OS-4000 vs the Osaki OS-4000T: Which is Better?

Though there are a few differences between the Osaki OS-4000 and the more recent OS-4000T, these two massage chairs are fundamentally the same. Both chairs come equipped with the same massage rollers, body scan technology, airbags, and heated lumbar cushion. There are, however, two minor differences between the chairs.

Soothing Foot Rollers

The newer Osaki OS-4000T comes equipped with comfortable foot rollers. The mechanical rollers target the acupressure points in the feet, massaging the soles until they are relaxed. If you spend all day on your feet, this function is definitely worth considering. The OS-4000T’s incredible foot massage feature is a solid reason to choose this chair over the older 4000 model.

Note that if you are looking for a massage chair with foot rollers, you may also be interested in the Osaki OS-7075R.

Better Materials

The new OS-4000T comes with upgraded upholstery. The new synthetic leather used on the chairs is better-looking and easier to clean than the material used on the 4000 model. In general, the synthetic leather used on the 4000T is likely to hold up slightly better than the material used on older versions of the chair.

In comparison, the Osaki OS-4000T is a slightly better chair than the Osaki OS-4000. The new foot massage function and improved upholstery give this chair a slight edge over the older model. If these features aren’t particularly important to you, however, the OS-4000 remains a great option.

Osaki OS-4000T Massage Chair

In Conclusion:

If you are looking to invest in a home massaging device, the Osaki OS-4000T Massage Chair is a great choice. This powerful and multi-functional massage chair is one of the best devices available today.

Whether you suffer from chronic pain or simply enjoy the benefits of a good massage, you are sure to enjoy the Osaki massage chair.


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